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Joel CalderoneBorn in New York, Joel Calderone moved west as a child and grew up in the majesty of California’s wine country. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Mendocino County, Joel was at home in its serene environment and rural landscape. Spending summers east in Washington, DC and New York exposed Joel to the fast-paced, industrial hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. It is this foundation that has given Joel his truly unique and diverse design perspective. Since an early age, Joel has had an unparalleled passion for design. In high school, Joel’s natural woodworking talents and excellence in wood shop earned him the invitation to design and build furniture for the school. Joel attended California State University, Long Beach where he further cultivated his passion and earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. During college, Joel honed his craft as a toy designer and was responsible for developing hugely successful products for Mattel and Hasbro. After graduation, yearning to pursue design in a product that has always been his calling, Joel began working with one of the furniture industry’s leading design firms where he learned the intricacies and nuance of the furniture design business. Joel started Calderone Designs, Inc. in 2004 and specializes in residential and hospitality furniture design. Joel has developed international lines for large retail chains in Asia. Due to his unique background and design aesthetic, Joel has the keen ability to master a wide range of diverse styles…from the rustic estates of the country to contemporary funk of the city, Joel is at home. He focuses on developing creative furniture solutions that merge both aesthetic and pragmatic ideals, allowing each piece to make a unique statement, while addressing the specific needs of the space. His designs have been featured in Furniture Today, Interior Design Magazine, and Luxe Interior.


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